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ESF财政援助办公室 & Scholarships

The College offers these basic forms of 学生资助: scholarships or grants; part-time employment; educational loans; diversity student scholarships and fellowships; assistantships, tuition scholarships, and fellowships for graduate students; a deferred tuition payment plan; and sources of non-need loans to students and parents.

Federal and state financial aid programs are for United States citizens, permanent residents or other eligible non-citizens. International students will be considered for academic merit-based scholarships, assistantships and fellowships, but are not eligible for need-based 学生资助. 援助项目要协调起来 supplement parental support, summer work, savings, and assistance from other sources. The sources of funds for financial assistance programs, the guidelines for determining the recipients, the procedures for applying, and the method of disbursement of funds vary from one program to another. This information is presented in detail on the ESF Financial Aid Web Page.

Financial aid is awarded primarily on the basis of financial need. Some scholarships and fellowships, however, are based on other criteria, such as academic achievement or diversity status. Assistantships, tuition scholarships and fellowships for graduate students are awarded based upon academic achievement.

In order for students to receive aid, they must be making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree. Please refer to the appropriate sections under ESF College Aid, Federal Student Aid, and New York State Aid later in this chapter for satisfactory academic progress requirements.

In addition, students are only eligible to receive most types of aid for courses that are required for degree completion. Students enrolled in credits beyond the number required for the degree or enrolled in courses that are not applicable to a degree requirement will have 财政资助亦作相应调整.

Financial aid advisors are aware of the many problems associated with financing higher education and meeting living expenses for both undergraduate and graduate students and are available to discuss individual problems. 鼓励所有学生申请 financial aid.


Financial aid at SUNY ESF is intended to assist students with education and essential cost-of-living expenses.  Funds are awarded primarily on the basis of financial need and are coordinated to supplement parental support, 学生就业收益, savings, 以及其他来源的帮助.  Some scholarships and fellowships are awarded based on additional criteria, such as academic achievement or minority student status.  研究生助教奖学金, tuition scholarships, and fellowships are not based on financial need.

Special Circumstances

Financial aid advisors at SUNY ESF are aware of the many challenges involved with financing higher education and meeting day-to-day living expenses.  Families and students with special circumstances affecting their ability to cover these expenses are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office.  Circumstances warranting a file review include, but are not limited to:

  • 失业或家庭收入变化
  • Education or Essential Living Expenses not Included in the Cost of Attendance Budget
  • Unexpected or Unreimbursed Medical Expenses


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Contact Information

Office of 经济援助及奖学金
113 Bray Hall
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 470-6706
(315) 470-4734 (Fax)

Important Codes

  • SUNY ESF联邦学校代码:002851
  • SUNY ESF TAP Codes:
    • Undergraduate-0950
    • Graduate-5555

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