e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry
e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

Heiberg森林 & 塔利野外测站ESF 地区校园, 森林的属性 & 场站

Located 30 minutes south of Syracuse near Tully, NY, these properties provide year-round field research, instruction and 示范 sites.

Svend O. Heiberg纪念森林

占地3800英亩的斯文欧. Heiberg纪念森林 lies in north-central portion of Cortland County in the towns of Tully, Fabius, Pompey, 和Truxton. The property serves as an outdoor classroom and laboratory for teaching, 示范, 以及教师的研究, students, 以及澳门新葡萄娱乐9455下载ESF的工作人员. Sustainable forest management is practiced year around by a full time staff. These practices supply a diverse array of forest products, which generate a consistent flow of revenue for the College. These products include maple syrup, Christmas trees, firewood, and sawlogs. The production processes of these products are studied by the Forest Economics class each spring. 另外, there are 18 miles of roads and trails open to the public for hiking, biking, showshoeing, 和雪地摩托, providing ample opportunities for recreation and wildlife viewing. historical photo of sugaring off at the 3000 acre tully forest

Historic photo of "sugaring off" at the 3000-acre Heiberg Forest (circa 1950)

Wind Turbine Goes Up at Heiberg

Video of the installation of a wind turbine, used to help power Heiberg facilities


Approximately twenty miles south of Syracuse exit Interstate Route 81 at exit 14. 向东转入纽约80号公路. Proceed into the village of Tully, through traffic signal and turn right at the first street (Railroad Avenue). Continue to stop sign, turn left and then right to cross the railroad tracks on Grove Street. Proceed south for approximately 1.8 miles to Maple Ridge Road, the forest entrance. The forest office and classrooms are located 1.25 miles south on Maple Ridge Road.


315/696-5629 or 315/470-6627